Imogen Frost


  • kowalskivision:

    Mishka Henner Bliss, 2011

    Duratran prints in lightbox, 50 x 66 cm each

    News presenters, experts and correspondents across US news networks frozen in a state of slumber.

  • 2headedsnake:

    Silviu and Irina Szekely

  • hifructosemag:

    The Transience Sculptures of Artist Martí Moreno

    Artist Martí Moreno works with a wide range of materials to construct remarkable incomplete human figures. His series of sculptures entitled The Transience of Existence are shell structures depicting the subjects with purposefully limited visual information. His works are suspended by a wire and are typically made of iron, steel, wire mesh, and nuts. See more below!


  • slowartday:

    Yasuaki Onishi, Reverse of Volume series

    (via lott-richards)

  • Amsterdam.
  • pen-um-bra:

    Straight - Ai Wei Wei

    The piece is made up of about 136 tonnes of steel rebar that was removed from the ruins of Chinese schools that collapsed in the 2008 earthquake in Sichuan province that killed nearly 5,200 children. Many have blamed shoddy construction practices and outright building fraud for the children’s quake deaths.

    Ai and his team spent two years straightening the pieces of steel. He then arranged them lying flat, one on top of another, to create a new topography inside the Le Zitelle complex, a room where orphan girls once sewed. 

  • pppowers:

    Formation, Part 2. (2012)

    Christie Powers

  • myampgoesto11:

    Tim Noble and Sue Webster: Nihilistic Optimistic exhibition at Blain|Southern in London, Oct 10th-Nov 24th 2012

  • yourbroham:

From the Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, a 16th century memento mori rosary carved out of ivory featuring man on one side and skeleton on the other
  • arpeggia:

    Paper sculptures by Peter Gentenaar installed inside the Abbey church of Saint-Riquier in France

    (via 1000milesoflight)

  • vivalundinproductions:

Mathew Wilson and Adam Brooks
Industry of the Ordinary 
butter bust of Presidnet Barack Obama